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XMacro in C

X-macros are a powerful technique in C programming that leverages the C preprocessor to manage repetitive code patterns more efficiently. This technique can simplify the maintenance of code that has repeated structures, such as large lists of similar...

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Compare Two Firmware Version Strings in C

Develop a C code that compare the two strings, containing the two firmware versions. e.g. char fw_ver1 [] = "1.2.1" and char fw_ver2 [] = '1.2.2". Code has to compare if first version is higher, lower or if equal to the second version. code has the s...

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Multiple Delays Using One Timer in C: A Crucial Intervi...

Your task is to analyze the code and understand how the C timer functions are utilized to mimic the behavior of hardware timers typically found in microcontroller units (MCUs). Assess the logic behind the code, identify the key components, and discus...

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Circular Queue Basics

A circular queue is an extension of a linear queue, which is a user-defined data structure. It is commonly used when elements can be added or removed from the queue at any point in the program, instead of following a predetermined enqueue or dequeue ...

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Arrays in C

An array is a data structure that stores a collection of similar items in a contiguous memory location. All elements in an array have the same size and type, making it easier to perform arithmetic or calculations with them.

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SizeOf Operator Related Codes

The sizeof operator in C is a unary operator that returns the size, in bytes, of the operand. The operand can be a variable, a data type, or an expression. The sizeof operator is commonly used in C programming for various purposes, such as memory all...

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